Annual TB Requirement

Dear Students,

As part of ongoing COVID-19 containment measures, effective as of March 2020 Student Health and Counseling Services will be performing TB surveillance for students via the Quantiferon Gold blood test. Quantiferon testing is offered at no charge to students, regardless of your insurance carrier. Please send a secure message to the Student Health Nurse requesting the test. The nurse will place the order electronically and will message you back with instructions on where to go for your blood draw. Results are generally back within 2-3 days, or approximately the same interval as a TB skin test.

This policy will be reviewed periodically and you will be notified of any updates. Exceptions will be made only in cases where a clinical site states in writing that Quantiferon/T- Spot/IGRA tests are not accepted for clearance. If you are scheduled to be at such a site, please notify your program coordinator and ask them to contact Student Health by sending an email to [email protected] so that arrangements can be made to provide TB skin testing for you in the safest possible environment.

With thanks,
Student Health and Counseling Services

All continuing professional students (Nursing, Medicine, Pharmacy, Dentistry, Physical Therapy) are required to have an annual TB screening. Some students may need more frequent screening, depending on risk factors associated with their clinical work.

If you neglect to obtain your annual screening, you will not be allowed to register for classes, receive your financial aid and/or you may be excluded from patient contact or clinical rotations.

If you are PPD-positive, you will not need a PPD skin test. You are required to fill out a Sign and Symptom Review form at the time you are due for your screening. Login to to complete the Sign & Symptom Review form.