How Do I?

If you believe you need to see a specialist, your first step is to make an appointment with a primary care provider at Student Health.

All specialty-care visits need to be pre-authorized by a Student Health provider. If a specialty-care visit is not pre-authorized, your insurance will not cover it. This applies to specialty-care follow-up visits as well.

For details, see Specialty Care Coordination & Referrals.

To make a primary care or travel appointment at Student Health, walk into either the Parnassus or Mission Bay clinic or call (415) 476-1281.

To make a counseling appointment, walk into either the Parnassus or Mission Bay clinic and ask to speak to a nurse.

To RSVP for a program or a workshop, please email [email protected].

To get reimbursed for services rendered and paid for, send in your itemized receipt from your provider and a medical claim form, dental claim form or prescription claim form to Anthem Blue Cross. Please note, the receipt will need to include a diagnosis code.

Mail your reimbursement request to:

Anthem Blue Cross P.O. Box 60007 Los Angeles, CA 90060-0007

Anthem Blue Cross needs authorization from Student Health & Counseling Services before claims are processed.

Anthem Blue Cross maintains the right to investigate submitted claims, and sometimes require additional information including claim forms as necessary for the proper adjudication of the claim, at its discretion.

It may be that you are lacking a referral from Student Health & Counseling Services. Please see Billing Process to make sure you've taken all necessary steps. 

It may also be that the service you had received is an insurance exclusion (see the insurance brochure for details of exclusions and limitations).

You have the right to request an independent medical review if healthcare services have been improperly denied, modified, or delayed based on medical necessity.

NOTE: Always keep a copy for your files of all forms submitted for claims.

Download your UC Student Health Insurance Plan (UC SHIP) Member ID number on the Student Portal (click on the My Health tab).

Students may extend coverage under the Graduate Student Health Insurance Plan (GSHIP) for two terms if on an approved leave of absence. Students are eligible to apply for the Scholars and Researchers Health Plan for one term only per lifetime. To apply, visit Apply to Enroll.

For more information about insurance options, see End of Coverage: Insurance Options.

Visit Apply to Enroll to apply for coverage for your adult or child(ren) dependent(s).

Registered UCSF students and researchers enrolled in the Graduate Student Insurance Health Plan (GSHIP) pay a premium for the GSHIP as defined in the ‘fees’ page of their Student Portal.

If you are not a registered student or are not sure if you fit into this group, see Enrollment & Eligibility.

Submit payment as directed on your bill.

For insurance payments, the following will apply:

For medical bills:

Anthem Blue Cross PPO
P.O. Box 60007
Los Angeles, CA 90060-0007

For dental claims:

Delta Dental of California
P.O. Box 997330
Sacramento, CA 95899-7330

For more information, visit Billing Process.