Where do I get help?

Regardless of how much and how often you drink, help is available. It is possible to reduce the risk and harm from use, without having to stop drinking. Depending upon your circumstances, and what you want to try, there are a variety of options available to help you adjust your relationship to alcohol and drugs so that it works better for you.


Continued self-evaluation may be helpful to you, to further explore the subtleties of your drinking. We have links to several web resources that can provide you with more information, as well as feedback from an anonymous Interactive Assessment Tool.

Visit our page that describes Steps to Moderation for a list of options you can experiment with.

Informal Discussion

Other steps you may take on your own include discussing your alcohol and/or drug use with a family member, mentor or a friend. It takes courage to discuss these concerns, yet it may be helpul to acknowledge your concerns to someone you trust.

Physician/Therapist Consultation

To deepen the evaluation you have begun in looking at yourself, you may want to consider having a Drug & Alcohol Consultation. You may have concerns about your drinking and want feedback from someone else. You may wonder:

  • Do I drink too much?
  • Is the way I drink normal?
  • What’s the harm with having a few drinks?
  • Is it possible for me to just drink less or less often? Or do I have to stop drinking altogether?
Books & Links

Visit Books & Links to check out books, links, interactive assessment tools and local resources related to drug and alcohol use.

Our staff will be glad to meet with you to explore your concerns, consider changes you may want to make, and offer support and resources to help you along.