Immunization & TB Screening

certificate of immunization
  • Immunizations

    SHCS provides immunizations for students. A portion of the immunization cost is covered for continuing students with UC SHIP. Please review the New Student Immunization page for a list of the specific requirements for your program. For a complete price list, please see Price List.

    Immunizations are usually recommended for any of three reasons:

    1. As part of routine primary care, either because a primary series was never given or completed in childhood, or because adult doses come due.
    2. Because a student is traveling to an area where disease risk exists.
    3. Because a student’s clinical, lab, or work environment carries risk of exposure to disease. Students who require vaccinations as part of their lab protocol will be notified by their lab manager or PI and vaccinated by UCSF Occupational Health Services.
  • TB Screening

    SHCS offers TB screening at both clinics. Students enrolled in programs involving patient contact are required to be screened for TB at least annually. See Annual TB Requirement for details.

    Students may require TB screening for other reasons. Examples are travelers returning from foreign countries where TB is endemic, students exposed to a confirmed case of active TB, and students with symptoms consistent with TB disease. If you need to be screened for TB and have already met your Annual TB Requirement, you may walk-in to the Parnassus or Mission Bay clinic. The cut-off for placing a TB skin test is 4:30pm and TB skin tests are not placed on Thursdays as readings are done 48 to 72 hours after placement and SHCS is closed on weekends. Please note that wait times may be longer around the lunch hour. Readings can be done on Mondays at Parnassus until 6:45pm and Wednesdays at Mission Bay until 6:45pm.

  • Immunization & TB Records

    You may obtain immunization records at any time. The fastest, easiest way is to log on to MyHealthRecord, click on the “Immunization” section and print your own copy. If you are unable to access the records online, you may visit SHCS in person or fax the Medical Release form to SHCS (415) 476-6137. There is no fee for printing immunization records.