Annual TB Requirement

All continuing professional students (Nursing, Medicine, Pharmacy, Dentistry, Physical Therapy) are required to have an annual TB screening. Some students may need more frequent screening, depending on risk factors associated with their clinical work.

If you are PPD-positive, you will not need a PPD skin test. You are required to fill out a Sign and Symptom Review form at the time you are due for your screening. Login to to complete the Sign & Symptom Review form.

Annual TB Screening for Professional Students


When should I come to SHCS for my screening?

Come to SHCS PRIOR to your screening expiring. The cut-off for placing TB skin tests is 4:30pm – this means you should arrive BEFORE 4:30pm to have you test placed by 4:30. To minimize waits, consider avoiding the lunch hour. SHCS staff take lunches around the lunch hour which leaves fewer staff to assist with TB skin test placements and could mean longer waits.

What if my TB screening expires and I haven’t come in?

Students with expired TB screening will continue to have a registration hold. In addition, SHCS will notify the schools monthly of which students are out-of-compliance.

Is there anything else I should know about getting my TB skin test placed or read?

Yes. TB skin tests aren’t placed on Thursdays since the reading would need to occur on a Saturday or Sunday when SHCS is closed. TB skin test readings can be done at Parnassus until 6:45pm on Mondays and Mission Bay until 6:45pm on Wednesdays.

If you neglect to obtain your annual screening, you will not be allowed to register for classes, receive your financial aid and/or you may be excluded from patient contact or clinical rotations.