Establish Primary Care

SHCS providers are available as the first point-of-contact for all of your healthcare needs.

To establish a primary care provider, make an appointment at SHCS with a physician or nurse practitioner at either the Parnassus or Mission Bay clinic. Make sure to fill out your healthcare history online through the Student Portal. Once completed, your information will link securely and directly to your SHCS medical chart. For more information about SHCS primary care providers, visit Staff Profiles.

If you have a specific health concern and would like to see a specialist, you must first meet with an SHCS provider. Outside specialty care is authorized if medically necessary and pre-authorized by SHCS. For coverage details, please visit Specialty Care Coordination & Referrals.

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Note: You may be seen at SHSC at no charge to you even if you have waived SHIP. SHCS will bill SHIP and non-SHIP insurance and accept any payment as payment in full. No bill is issued to the student and there are no co-pays.