Traveler's Insurance

Enrollees in the University of Calinfornia Student Health Insurance Plan (UC SHIP) are covered for approved medical expenses incurred while abroad through Anthem Blue Cross as well as Bluecard Worldwide. The University of California also offers ACE travel insurance for travelers on official University business.

If you are officially withdrawing from school to travel, your insurance and health will terminate unless you are opt into the Continuation Plan or the Voluntary UC SHIP. Please visit End of Coverage: Options to learn more about insurance options while traveling abroad.

  • Bluecard PPO

    Bluecard Worldwide provides emergency assistance with both medical and travel needs. Here’s how it works:

    • Before leaving the U.S., call the Customer Service number  on the back of your Anthem Blue Cross ID card to find out exactly how you are covered abroad. 
    • Call SHCS to obtain information on coverage for international vaccines and the additional UC Travel Accident Policy (described on page 22). 
    • Always carry your up-to-date Anthem Blue Cross member  ID card. 
    • In an emergency, go to the nearest hospital. 
    • If you need non-emergency care, please contact SHCS for a referral to ensure that your claim for covered services will be paid according to plan benefits. 
    • If you need help finding a doctor or hospital, or have any questions about getting care abroad, call the BlueCard Worldwide Service Center toll-free at (800) 810-BLUE (2583) or collect at (804) 673-1177, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Someone will help you and, along with a medical professional, arrange for you to see a doctor or have a hospital stay, if needed. 
    • If you need to be admitted to the hospital, call the BlueCard Worldwide Service Center toll-free at (800) 810-BLUE (2583) or collect at (804) 673-1177.
  • Policy Numbers and Network

    Provider Bluecard PPO
    Tel: 1-800-810-2583
    Group Policy 275958
    Network Bluecard PPO
    Tel: 1-800-810-2583
    NOTE ABOUT BILLING: Most foreign clinics and providers will not bill your insurance directly and will require you to pay your bill at the time care is rendered. To get reimbursed, you will need to follow the instructions regarding International Claims. It is often impossible to obtain foreign medical records once you have departed the area, so be sure to obtain this paperwork before you return home.
  • Emergency Call Centers

    If calling within the USA: 1-800-810-2583
    Calling Collect: 1-804-673-1177
    See Bluecard Worldwide for more clinics and contact information.