SHCS providers are trained to both counsel students regarding IUDs (IUD consultation) and place multiple types of IUDs (hormonal and non hormonal). Consultation is available to any student, placement is available to those with UCSHIP insurance.

An IUD is a small device shaped like a “T”. Your health care provider places it in your uterus during an office visit. Two kinds of IUDs are available at SHCS. The non-hormonal IUD (Paraguard), which prevents pregnancy for 10 – 12 years and the hormonal IUD (Mirena, Kyleena) which prevents pregnancy for 5 - 7 years. They are equally effective and can be removed at any time.

The Mirena and Kyleena IUDs contain the hormone “levonorgestrel”, (this is similar to the hormone “progesterone” your body makes), It prevents sperm from reaching the egg and also thins the uterine lining and thickens the cervical mucus. The Mirena and Kyleena have the added benefits of decreasing menstrual cramps, menstrual bleeding and anemia. They are sometimes used for this reason alone in persons who do not need contraception.

The Paragard IUD contains copper. The copper releases ions into the uterus which change the fluid in the fallopian tube and uterus making them inhospitable to sperm. The Paragard IUD tends to make menstruation heavier and can increase menstrual cramps.

Both types of IUD can be used in people that have a history of migraine headache WITH AURA, which is a contraindication for oral contraceptives or birth control pills. Both IUDs have a thin string attached at the base of the “T”. This allows your health care provider to remove the IUD in the office and you to check to make sure the IUD is in your uterus.

IUDs are as effective as tubal ligations (getting your tubes tied) – but unlike a tubal ligation an IUD is completely reversible. They are more effective than birth control pills. Annually, less than one IUD user in a hundred gets pregnant. Once the IUD is placed, there is nothing you have to do to make it work. Once inserted, you and your partner should not feel it.

Once an IUD is removed you can become pregnant immediately so if you do not desire pregnancy you must use birth control after removal.

At SHCS we feel it is very important to be informed. For this reason, prior to an IUD placement we require students to have an IUD consultation. Students may schedule online via the Myhealthrecord student portal. This appointment can be done in person or on zoom by any provider at SHCS. IUD placement appointments cannot be scheduled by web booking. Please call SHCS at (415) 476-1281 to schedule IUD insertion once you have had your IUD consultation.