No-show Policy

Service Fee Cancellation
Primary Care $15 Up to 3 hours prior
to appointment
IUD Placements $30 Up to 3 hours prior
to appointment
Mental Heath
$15 Up to 24 hours prior
to appointment

Definition: A no-show is considered to be any scheduled primary care, IUD placement, or counseling appointment where the student:

  • Does not present for the appointment or...
  • Cancels their primary care or IUD placement appointment less than 3 hours prior to the appointment. (Patients with morning appointments between 8am and 10:30am will be considered cancellations, not no-shows, if they leave a message for SHCS by 7:30am the day of their appointment) or… 
  • Cancels their mental health counseling appointment less than 24 hours prior to the appointment..

What should you do to avoid a fee? - cancel your appointment!

Cancellation Process:
Cancel online at
Call us at (415) 476-1281
Cancel in-person at Mission Bay or Parnassus SHCS

Why does SHCS have no-show fees?


• The intent of this policy is to prevent appointments from going unused due to students not showing up.  This will help us keep provider time more open so that we may offer you appointments in as timely a manner as possible! If students promptly cancel appointments they cannot make, that appointment is available for another student.

With support from the Student Health Advisory Committee, Student Health and Counseling Services (SHCS) has implemented a “No Show” policy to improve access to primary care (including IUD placements) and mental health counseling for students. 

Late Arrival Policy

If you are more than 10 minutes late for your appointment there is a possibility you may not be seen by your provider. Being seen for your appointment will be left to the discretion of your provider based on the nature of your concern and the schedule of the provider.

No-Show Fee Appeal Process

If you feel there are special circumstances related to your no-show visit, you may request a review of your no-show fees. To submit an appeal respond to your notice via secure message at