Staff & Faculty Trainings

Assisting Students in Distress

  • SHCS conducts an annual presentation at both the Mission Bay and Parnassus campuses for faculty and staff.
  • The presentation covers how to recognize and support students having difficulties. Invitations are sent via email to faculty and staff listservs.
  • SHCS mental health staff present information, but there is also ample time for discussion and questions.
  • Materials from the 2017 Faculty/Staff Assisting Students In Distress Meeting
  • Dates for 2017 Faculty/Staff Assisting Students in Distress Meeting
    • March 6, 2017, Mission Bay 12-1:30 p.m.
    • March 8, 2017, Parnassus 12-1:30 p.m.


Request a Training

  • SCHS mental health clinicians will work with departments or groups who have specific concerns or needs related to student mental health to develop customized trainings that address a unique need or situation. Staff will also present more generally about Assisting Students in Distress for an identified cohort of faculty and/or staff.
  • To inquire, contact your school or division’s SHCS Liaison.