Services & Resources for Students

How Students Can Access Counseling

  • Students simply call SHCS’s main number (415-476-1281) and indicate they want to schedule an appointment with a counselor. If the student feels their need is urgent they should express that to the staff member scheduling the appointment.


How Faculty and Staff May Facilitate Access to Counseling

  • Faculty and Staff may contact SHCS directly to assist a student in making an appointment or to pass along information about a student they are referring for counseling.
    • Faculty and staff may contact their school’s assigned liaison. (Counselors may take a few hours to a day or more to get back to you depending on the days they work or clinical schedule).
    • May contact the Executive Director (415-476-1683) or Director (415-476-8745) of SHCS who may be more accessible during the day if the need is more urgent.
    • May contact the front office staff who schedule appointments to facilitate a student getting an appointment. (415-476-1281). SHCS phones are answered 8am-5pm Monday- Friday.
    • May contact the SHCS Nursing staff to get help connecting to the right resource in a timely manner. (415-476-8736)
  • If you are afraid a student may imminently injure themselves or others – please contact the UC Police and notify SHCS. (9+911 from any campus phone or 415/476-6911 from a non-campus phone; SHCS 415-476-1281). You can also walk a student to the UCSF ER for immediate assistance if threat of harm to self or others is imminent.


Online Interactive Stress and Depression Screening

  • The Interactive Stress and Depression Screening is an online screening questionnaire that provides students feedback on their answers to a series of screening questions for depression and other mental health concerns. Students also will receive an anonymous, individualized, online response from a Student Health and Counseling Services mental health counselor and have the opportunity to ask questions and discuss concerns anonymously or after identifying themselves.
  • This tool is a best practice offered in partnership with the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.
  • All contact and correspondence is anonymous and confidential and remains confidential if a student decides to provide their identity and seek counseling services.
  • The website can be accessed from the SHCS website homepage which provides a link directly to the screening questionnaire.


MH Consult Line

  • Students can call the main SHCS number any time (415-476-1281, option 2) to be connected to a trained counselor. This service is staffed by a company with whom SHCS has a contract to provide crisis support services. This option can be used for students in distress anytime SHCS is closed. If SHCS is open, contacting the clinic is the student’s best option.