SHCS Nurse Consult

Please review our Locations, Directions, & Hours Page for a comprehensive listing of Nurse Consultation hours.

RNs provide the following services:

    • Nurses listen, offer advice and help you decide when to see a provider. Students commonly have questions about sore throats, UTIs, birth control, flu, yeast infections, STD exposure, rashes and poison oak.

    • Acute injuries and illnesses cannot be foreseen, therefore a SHCS registered nurse will assess your symptoms, ask about the history of your illness or injury and make an appropriate plan of care. Drop-in or call (415) 476-1281, option 2, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. For care during non-business hours, see Emergencies and After-hours.

    • If your provider has ordered routine lab work for you, you can generally obtain the results over the phone or in person from a nurse. Drop-in or call (415) 476-1281, option 7, and ask for lab results. Please note, some providers prefer to give you your results directly. In that case, either the provider will let you know beforehand or the nurse will schedule a follow-up appointment for you at the time of your call.

    • SHCS nurses administer vaccinations, provide lab slips for titer checks, and dispense advice about your immunization status. For more information, see Immunization and TB Screening.