Staff & Faculty Resources

Staff and faculty play a critical role in identifying and assisting students experiencing mental health difficulties. Student Health and Counseling Services (SHCS) is here to support you in assisting students in need. Services offered by SHCS to staff and faculty in your support of students are listed below.

Students have a right to privacy and written permission must be obtained before Student Health and Counseling Services (SHCS) will release any personal health information to anyone outside of SHCS, with only limited legal and ethical exceptions.

Counseling records are maintained separately from student’s primary care records in the SHCS electronic medical record (EMR). The SHCS EMR is not part of the UCSF Medical Center EMR – all records are in separate databases and only SHCS staff has access to the SHCS EMR.

In the course of discussing a student of concern with SHCS, faculty and staff may relay any information they feel comfortable communicating to SHCS which may help us serve the student. SHCS is not a liberty to discuss or disclose any information we may have about the student that came from the student themselves or other sources.