ER/Urgent Care Claims

If you have recently had an emergency room or urgent care visit OR received a bill for such services – see the following steps to ensure your bill is paid and that your visit notes are transmitted to Student Health for continuity of care.


Contact the ER or urgent care center that you visited...

And provide them with your insurance information if you have not already done so. Download your Member ID (on the Mobile Health App) or call 1-800-888-2108.


Submit a Medical Records Release to the ER or urgent care center that you visited.

In this release you will authorize the ER or urgent care center to send your clinical (physician) notes from your visit to Student Health. These notes will be reviewed by Student Health.


Call (415) 476-1281 and verify that SHCS has received your ER or urgent care visit notes.

NOTE: There is a $125 co-pay for an ER visit and a $25 co-pay for an urgent care visit. For more information about your insurance see Medical Plan.