Mental Health Liaisons

SHCS has mental health liaisons assigned to each professional school and the Graduate Division.

A liaison relationship is a mutual, ongoing information exchange between a SHCS mental health professional and a school or the Graduate Division.

Each liaison is a “point person” for faculty and staff of each school or the Graduate Division and serves as a consultant and referral source to faculty, staff, and students who are seeking guidance or support regarding a student who may be in need of counseling services or other support. The Liaison also works with school representatives to better understand the specific needs of the students in the school to help inform the services SHCS offers – particularly outreach services.


The Liaison Can:

  • Offer consultation to faculty, staff, and students about students who may be having psychological difficulties or are in distress.
  • Provide workshops or presentations tailored to the specific needs of a school, division, department, or program.
  • Present information about mental health and SHCS services at student, faculty and staff orientations and at faculty, staff and student-group meetings.
  • Identify needs and options for supportive outreach programming.

Benefits of the Liaison Program:

  • Faculty, staff, and students have a “go to” specialist, personalizing SHCS and making services more accessible.
  • SHCS is more aware of the needs of the campus community and has a better understanding of student issues, which guides programming, making it more relevant and, therefore, more successful.
  • SHCS staff is aware of the particular concerns of each school or the Graduate Division and able to be an ally and advocate.


Liaisons by School/Division:

Dentistry-Jeanne Stanford, PhD; [email protected]

Graduate Division- Alexandra Thurston, Ph.D; [email protected]

Medicine- Jeanne Stanford, PhD; [email protected]

Nursing- Anja Bircher, PsyD; [email protected]

Pharmacy- Justin T. Gibson, PhD; [email protected]

Physical Therapy- Jose "Errol" Feria, LMFT; [email protected]

Please call (415) 476-1281 to be connected directly to anyone of the SHCS Liaisons.

For academic or administrative programs and units not listed, and for any student group, any SHCS clinician listed above can be of assistance.