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We have to breathe action; We have to breathe words; We have to breathe honor to George Floyd and the many others. SHCS is committed to affirming and caring for all of our students who have been impacted by trauma.
TB & Immunization Requirements
Remember to complete your TB & Immunization requirements!
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LiveHealth Online
Video-based visit with your choice of medical or mental health provider.
Medical Concern: $0 UC SHIP enrolled. $59 for non-UC SHIP.
Mental Health Concern: $0 UC SHIP enrolled. Variable for non-UC SHIP.
Low intensity-high engagement therapy.
Self-Guided or Therapist-Assisted.
Online and mobile educational modules and practice tools.
We provide whole-person-oriented, high-quality care that addresses the health needs of our student population.

The mission of Student Health and Counseling Services is to optimize the physical and mental health of students in order to help them achieve academic success, personal development and lifelong wellness.

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News & Announcements

COVID-19 Citizenship Code of Conduct for Students

During the pandemic, we – as members of the UCSF community – affirm that we have an obligation to behave in a responsible manner to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. We behave responsibly a) to protect ourselves, each other, and our communities so that we may continue to pursue in-person components of our education at UCSF and b) to serve as public health role models for the broader community. Responsible behavior extends to our off-campus and personal lives, including at a minimum:

  • always wearing a mask in public and when gathering with individuals outside our households; 
  • maintaining physical distance of at least six feet in public and when gathering with individuals outside our households; 
  • limiting the size of outdoor gatherings; 
  • minimizing and limiting the size of indoor gatherings with people outside our households.

We commit to adhering fully to current and future directives about social encounters from state and local public health officials.

Need to access your health records? You need Duo!

To provide greater security for both you and the University, Duo (dual-factor authentication) is now required to access many crucial resources at UCSF, including MyAccess and MyHealthRecord. See our Duo FAQ.

Return to Campus and Daily Screening Guidelines

UCSF has begun a phased return to onsite work for some UCSF community members.

This will allow a limited number of faculty, staff, and learners who cannot work remotely to gradually resume onsite activities. Only those who have been told that they can return to campus should be doing so at this point. Everyone else who can work remotely should continue to do so.

Those who are returning to onsite activities for any reason (including SHCS appointments) must meet the following requirements:

  1. Pass an online health screen
    · UCSF faculty, staff, learners, affiliates, visitors, and vendors must pass an online health screen to verify that they do not have COVID-19 symptoms or exposures that would put others at risk for infection. Delivery people are exempt.
    · Please review this online tutorial for the health screening tool.
  2. Wear mandatory face coverings
    · Anyone on UCSF property, including buildings, grounds, labs, conference rooms, elevators, parking structures and shuttles must wear a face covering or mask at all times except when alone in a private office or personal vehicle.
    · Face coverings must cover both nose and mouth, and they should be worn while also maintaining appropriate physical distance—at least six feet apart.
    · A surgical mask must be worn at all times in hospital and clinical settings in accordance with UCSF Health’s Universal Surgical Mask policy.
    · Complete face covering guidelines for campus and Health are available online.
COVID-19 Awareness and Protocol

Please visit the UCSF microsite for coronavirus updates/resources and the most up-to-the-minute information.

Please be mindful of words and actions that could perpetuate fear or unfairly stigmatize any member of our community. Please view SHCS’s Statement on Stigmatization.

For students returning from an area with widespread or ongoing community spread of COVID-19return to work must be cleared by SHCS.