Staff & Faculty Consult Services

It is not uncommon for students to experience issues and concerns that impact their ability to perform academically or thrive in their personal lives. SHCS mental health counselors regularly consult with faculty and staff who have concerns about students. In addition to direct counseling services for students, SHCS counselors provide ongoing consultation throughout the year to faculty, advisors, and other university staff. We recognize that faculty and staff are often the first to notice when students are struggling and may want guidance on how best to respond and support the student in obtaining further assistance.

To consult with a SHCS counselor – contact your school or divisions assigned Mental Health Liaison.


Common Questions:

  • “How do I encourage a student to consider seeking mental health counseling?"
  • "How do I know if I should be calling you or the UC Police?"
  • "What is my role in this situation? What should I say or not say?"
  • "What resources are available to students for assistance?"

We Offer:

  • Information about how to access our services.
  • General consultation and guidance for faculty, staff or students regarding students who may be having psychological difficulties or appear to be in distress.
  • Referrals to other campus resources such as Student Disability Services and Learning Resource Services.

Confidentiality and Information Disclosure

SHCS will support you in working with a student of concern and it can be helpful for SHCS clinicians to receive information about students who need our help, but we are not at liberty to discuss information we acquire from the student without a release. Due to confidentiality laws, SHCS is will not release any details about a student who is seeking our services without that student’s consent.