Tools for Staff & Faculty

The following tools provide guidance on how to recognize and refer students in distress.

See Say Do Guide:

  • The guide covers example indicators of a student in distress, how to decide who you should contact if you have a concern and includes a contact list for key campus departments who can assist you.


Promoting Student Mental Health: A guide for UC faculty and staff

  • This guide was developed jointly by all 10 UC campuses and Office of the President
  • The guide is available online or you may request a printed copies by emailing your school/division Mental Health Liaison to request a copy.
  • The guide covers campus specific resources as well as:
    • Recognizing Students in Distress
    • Indicators of Distress
    • Knowing When and How to Take Action
    • Cultural Diversity: Barriers to seeking care and special considerations
    • Responding to a Distressed Student
    • Unique Considerations for Professional and Graduate students
    • What can you do as a faculty or staff member to reduce student stress?


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