Student Health Services FAQs

Effective June 1, 2024, UCSF Health will become the designated provider of primary care services for all UCSF students using the UC Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP). During the transition period, you should continue to schedule Student Health and Counseling Services (SHCS) appointments for primary care visits through May 31. If you have a SHCS appointment scheduled on or before May 31, you will be seen in Student Health.   

Starting on February 1, students with UC SHIP may initiate the patient registration process with UCSF Health primary care. Your first UCSF Health appointment date will be based on the primary care location requested and availability. SHCS practice coordinators will be available to support you in navigating the transition process in the coming months.  

On June 1, the SHCS primary care clinic will close, and students will need to establish care with a new provider. For students with UC SHIP insurance, UCSF Health primary care will become your designated primary care provider. For students who have waived UC SHIP and have a commercial insurance plan, you may elect to use UCSF Health as your primary care provider or continue utilizing options provided by your current insurance to obtain primary care services. 

Students can continue to schedule mental health appointments through Counseling and Psychological Services by calling (415) 476-1281, option 1, or by scheduling a brief consultation with a counselor via   

Below is an FAQ section that will be updated based on the latest information available and queries received. 

Last updated: April 3, 2024 (Fresno question)


Appointments and Locations

Providers and Specialty Care 

Health Records and Privacy 

Collaboration with SHCS Mental Health Services  

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