Primary Care
Student Health and Counseling services offers a wide array of primary care services provided by licensed and/or board-certified physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, a nutritionist, and nurses.

Student Health & Counseling Services offers comprehensive primary care to all students. We encourage you to select a primary care provider who can provide you with preventive healthcare services, routine screenings, health maintenance counseling, patient education, diagnosis and treatment of acute and chronic illnesses as well as coordination of specialty care. Primary care services include, but are not limited to, those services listed below. Call (415) 476-1281 or visit MyHealthRecord to schedule an appointment.

Do I need an annual physical?

Please read this New York Times article on the topic of annual physicals.

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Medical Assessments & Physical Examinations

Providers perform medically-indicated assessments and exams for our patients. Make sure to fill out your health care history online through the student portal. Once completed, your information will link securely and directly to your SHCS medical chart.

Women's* Health

SHCS offers a range of women's* health services and coordinates any care necessary to deliver preventive services, diagnostic services, treatment of conditions and therapy. 
*Services described on this page might be relevant for students with a variety of gender identities, including ciswomen, transmen, transwomen and gender non-conforming people. Members of SHCS are currently working to make this language more inclusive. We appreciate your patience, support and input!

Transgender Care

Transgender patients are welcome to make an appointment with a SHCS primary care provider to establish care. The Student Insurance Plan covers transgender care.

Sports Medicine

Primary care providers can assess and manage a variety of sports-related and overuse injuries. Referrals to specialists will be authorized as necessary.

Office Procedure

SHCS providers are trained to address a variety of primary care office procedures, including dermatology excision, joint injections and IUD insertion.

Lab Work & Diagnostic Tests

There is no charge for routine and medically necessary lab work when ordered by a SHCS provider and performed at Quest Diagnostics. There may be a small co-pay for routine and medically necessary diagnostic tests when ordered by a SHCS provider and performed at UCSF Medical Center. For non-medically necessary lab work and diagnostic tests, students must pay a nominal fee. Consult with a SHCS provider to obtain requisitions and costs.