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Clinic Announcements

2016 Flu Clinic Announcement

UCSF will be holding free drop-in flu shot clinics for all UCSF employees, students and volunteers from Monday, September 19st to Friday, October 14th. The UCSF flu shot drop-in clinics are part of an effort to protect staff, patients and the integrity of the UCSF workforce.

The drop-in clinics will be at various UCSF locations including: Parnassus, Mt. Zion, Mission Bay, Mission Center Building, Laurel Heights, China Basin, Executive Park, 3360 Geary, and Emeryville.

The 2016 Flu Shot Drop-In Clinic schedule is available now at: https://www.occupationalhealthprogram.ucsf.edu/FluShotSchedule2016.pdf

-- Everyone who receives a flu shot will be given a yellow sticker that must be placed on the front of his or her ID badge. Old stickers should be removed.
-- Employees who receive a vaccination outside of UCSF must submit documentation to Occupational Health Services to receive a sticker and be in compliance with UCSF policy.

In accordance with California law and UCSF Medical Center policy, it is required that all UCSF Medical Center staff, students and volunteers receive an annual influenza vaccination or complete a declination form. If you wish to decline, you must complete the online declination form and wear a hospital- supplied mask while in patient care or clinical areas for the duration of the influenza season. The declination form will be made available in mid-November on the UCSF Occupational Health website. For more information on the UCSF policy, visit: http://manuals.ucsfmedicalcenter.org/AdminManual/IndividualPolicies/InfluenzaVaccination.pdf

For more information regarding the flu vaccine and CDC recommendations, please see the CDC website at www.cdc.gov

For information about the UCSF Flu Shot Program, please contact Occupational Health at 415-885-7580 (Option 1), or email OccupationalHealthServices@ucsf.edu

Zika Virus Travel Alert

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on Monday issued a travel alert urging pregnant women not to visit in the region where mosquitoes have spread the Zika virus. This includes certain areas of Miami, FL and many areas of Latin American, Caribbean countries and Puerto Rico.

Researchers believe the Zika virus is behind a dramatic spike in the number of newborns with microcephaly, babies born with abnormally small heads and brains who often die.

Below are links to the CA Department of Public Health information on the Zika virus and the CDC travel alerts:
CDC Zika Travel Info
CA Dept of Public Health resources:
Zika Tool Kit (from the CDPH - Ca Dept of Public Health)

Please schedule a visit with a provider or the Student Health Travel Nurse if you have questions.