Healthcare Services

All UCSF registered students and adult enrollees in the Student Insurance Plan are eligible to receive care at Student Health & Counseling Services. For more information, see Enrollment & Eligibility. For information about pediatric care, see Pediatric Benefits.

Primary Care

SHCS offers comprehensive primary health care for all UCSF students and enrollees.


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Primary care provider

Counseling & Psychological Services

Visits with a mental health provider are available for students and enrollees.


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Nursing Consult

SHCS Registered Nurses are available for drop-in consultation and triage.


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Blood Pressure Reading

Traveler's Health

SHCS offers travel consultations with either a SHCS primary care provider or the travel nurse.


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Wellness Programs & Outreach

SHCS offers workshops and programs, such as Meditation and Stretch & Relax every quarter.


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Specialty Care Coordination & Referrals

SHCS providers authorize medically-necessary referrals to patients who need to see a specialist.


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Immunizations & TB Screening

Students and enrollees are eligible to receive immunizations and TB testing at SHCS.


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Medical Records Request

Patients may request to review or obtain a copy of their SHCS medical records at anytime.


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medical records

Dental Care

The dental plan is provided through the Student Insurance Plan and is underwritten by Delta Dental.


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Vision Care

Enrollees have access to vision care coverage through Anthem Blue View Vision.


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